Corporate Fleet Management

Corporate fleet account services for our M-Tag Customers.

  1. M-Tag should be affixed on all vehicles to be incorporated in the Corporate fleet account .
  2. A minimum of 50 vehicles to be inducted to the corporate fleet account.
  3. List of vehicles on company’s letter head mentioning their details, M-Tag ID’s and a covering letter requesting to initiate Corporate Fleet Account of enlisted vehicles.
  4. The account initiation amount  can be deposited in the Official bank account provided by One Network or at  M-Tag Center. The initial deposit must be Rs. 500k or above.
  5. Focal person to fill and share Fleet/Corporate form provided by Corporate Fleet Section.
  6. Settlement of Cut off balance depends upon fleet size.
  7. Minimum recharge for is clen legal Fleet/Corporate account is Rs. 50,000/-
  1. Deposited/Recharged amount in the company’s Fleet/Corporate account can be used by all company’s enlisted vehicles.
  2. A Focal person designated by the company can manage the whole fleet on all motorways.
  3. Details of all vehicles are available on single click of concerned focal person through web portal.
  4. Recharge amount can be deposited in official bank account or at designated M-Tag centers on all Motorways.
  5. Addition/Deletion of company’s vehicles is possible through coordination of focal person accordingly.